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TRMS has been recognized as a Silver Level Model of Demonstration School by the Stae of Tennessee! Congratulations!

Model of Demonstration School    RTI2 - B Silver School


FYI – PARENTS:  This is Trenton SSD’s plan IF it becomes necessary at any point to implement. 


Broken arrow pictureTSSD’s Version of Operation Broken Arrow (apologies to the military)

Rationale (this is very important): We believe it is vitally important to maintain in-person instruction for students, especially at the elementary and middle school grade levels. In the case of a Covid-related teacher shortage, we believe high school students are better equipped to handle virtual instruction.

This plan is intended to keep all TES, TRMS, and PHS students physically in school in the event that we experience a Covid-related teacher and sub shortage. It seeks to make the best of  what would be a tough situation and it would only be implemented for brief periods of time if, and only if, we do not have enough teachers and subs to run all three buildings. In short, it keeps us from shutting down abruptly and, thereby, creating problems for TSSD families.
If needed, it will be enacted by Coach Haney. And, that will only be done if we don’t have enough teachers and subs to man all classrooms in the district.

The Peabody High School faculty and admin team perfected this plan, have been fully briefed on it, and are prepared to implement it instantly. We could literally move to Operation Broken Arrow as late as 7:30 AM, if need be. No warning is necessary. The TES and TRMS faculties and admin teams have also been instrumental in this project and agree that it provides the best answer to a potential Covid-caused teacher shortage. It keeps kids in school in all three buildings every day.

Broken Arrow

Peabody will adjust their daily schedule to make available 8 teachers or teacher assistants to serve as subs at TRMS and TES at the discretion of Coach Haney, Ms. Wilkes, and Mr. Pillow. The other 17 Peabody teachers will remain at Peabody and teach their classes.

Each student at Peabody will be assigned to a temporary ‘homeroom’ (25 students per homeroom) manned by one of the 17 teachers not subbing at TES or TRMS. There will be 5 freshman homerooms and 4 each of sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Each of the 17 Peabody teachers not serving as subs will be performing two jobs: 1. serving as a ‘homeroom’ teacher to 25 students while, at the same time, 2. teaching each of their own classes virtually. Therefore, a ‘homeroom’ teacher for the purpose of this plan will be defined as follows: a teacher who houses and monitors 25 students from the same grade level (9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th) while also teaching virtually their daily schedule of classes; a tough, challenging endeavor but one which will allow TSSD to maintain in-person learning.

Student’s Day

1.  All TES and TRMS students will attend school as normal.
2.  All Peabody students will physically (in-person) attend school with the modifications listed in 3, 4, and 5 below..
3.  Each student has been assigned a “homeroom” in which he/she will physically stay all day. They will have their Chromebooks and earbuds and log in virtually to each of their classes from that room. That homeroom will be manned by one of the 17 teachers not serving as subs at TES or TRMS.
4.  Again, the students will stay in that classroom all day. They will log into their 1st period class from there.
5.  They will virtually change classes. In other words, when 1st period changes to 2nd period at 9:30, the students will log-out of their 1st period class and log into their 2nd period class without physically moving.
6.  They will be permitted to move about the building at each class change and go to lunch at their normal time. This will give them the same break times they currently have for socializing, restroom breaks, checking their phones, etc.

The day for the 8 Teacher’s serving as Subs

The expectations of the 8 Peabody teachers who are serving as subs are as follows:

1.  Before leaving Peabody to sub at TES or TRMS, post an assignment in Google classroom for each of your Peabody classes. Those students will physically be in their assigned ‘homerooms’ at Peabody and will be monitored for you by that homeroom teacher.
2.  Report to the principal of the school (TES or TRMS) to which you have been assigned to sub.
3.  Attendance for each of your Peabody classes will be taken retroactively based on the completion of the assignment. This will hold each student accountable for the assigned work.
4.  Enjoy the day at TES or TRMS! It will be great! Make a difference for a kid!
5.  Thank you for doing this!

The day for the 17 Teacher’s manning Peabody

The expectations of the 17 Peabody teachers who are not serving as subs are as follows:

1.  Begin the day by checking to ensure that all of the students who have been assigned to your ‘homeroom’ are in attendance. Email the Peabody secretary the names of the students who are absent.
2.  Then, act as the ‘homeroom’ teacher to the 25 students who have been assigned to your classroom. They should log into the class that they will be taking for that period and attend it virtually.
3.  Then, log in and teach your own classes virtually the same as you would when we were fully virtual for a while last year (2020-2021).
4.  The students on your roll that you will be virtually teaching will physically be in their assigned ‘homeroom’ (some may actually be in your room, but most will be in another room). They will log into your class virtually and will have their participation monitored by that homeroom teacher.
5.  You can teach without worrying about their participation because it will be monitored for you by the ‘homeroom’ teacher (what you did in #2 above).
6.  Synergy attendance will be taken only for the students who are assigned to the class you teach (your virtual students). Parent, teachers understand #6, so I will not get detailed here with an explanation.
7.  Carpe Diem! Thank you for doing this!

Thank you to all TSSD teacher’s/teacher assistants for taking a lemon and making lemonade! This will be great for kids!


Dr. Eve Carney, Chief of Districts and Schools and Ms. Trudy Hughes from the Tennessee Department of Education visited Trenton Special School District on Friday, November 19th. She began her tour at Trenton Rosenwald Middle School where she observed Mrs. Leah Jean Rollins’ classroom and the TRMS STEM lab. Dr. Carney and Ms. Hughes then proceeded to Peabody High School where they were greeted by Finn, the TSSD therapy dog in-training. Ben DiChiara led a tour of the new library/MakerSpace area that will be unveiled in January 2022.

Dr. Carney visit 

    Coach D explains STEM libraryDr. Carney visits with student in Rollins classvisiting with students and projects


No medication given at schoolReminder to Parents: (posted 11/12/2021)

We are now starting the cold and flu season. Many children need cough medicine or cough drops. Please remember the following in regards to sending medicine to school.

-All medication should be transported to the school by an adult and handed to another adult. Do not allow your child to carry his or her medication.

-All prescription and nonprescription medication given in school settings require written authorization from the parent.

-All medication must be brought to school in the original labeled container prepared by the pharmacy, doctor, or pharmaceutical company (i.e., no envelopes, foil, or baggies).


Medication Procedures (posted 8/2021)

Attention Parents:

Going forward...the Trenton Special School District will no longer be able to administer over-the-counter medications (Tylenol, aspirin, antacids, etc.) that are not brought to the school by the student's parents. 


Please click on the attached link to access the 2021-22 Medication Consent Form.


2022-23 School Calendar   2022-2023 Student School Calendar was approved at the November School Board meeting. It is located on the district homepage >Parent Resources tab for your reference all year!



School Nutrition