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TES is a “School of Recognition”

Posted Date: 03/14/2022

TES is a “School of Recognition”

Tennessee Tiered Supports Center (TSC) is proud to announce Trenton Elementary School (TES) has been selected as an RTI2-B School of Recognition for 2021-2022.

Only 79 schools in Tennessee earned SOR status. Click here or on the icon to see them all!

TES implements a positive and proactive behavioral system framework for all students. The RTI2-B framework consists of identifying common behavioral expectations across campus, teaching, re-teaching, reinforcing, and regularly acknowledging students, faculty, and families for exhibiting these expectations. TES has applied this framework to improve their school climate and culture, student engagement, and school connectedness.

As a School of Recognition, TES is on their way to serving as a RTI2-B mentor to other schools across Tennessee.

RTI2-B training, technical assistance, and supports were provided to schools by Tennessee TSC (formerly Tennessee Behavior Supports Project), a technical assistance center funded under a Grant Contract with the State of Tennessee.