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Accomplishing Challenges Equals Success

  • Coordinated School Health 


    A collaboration between Trenton Special School District and Gibson County Special School District

    The ACES Course (Accomplishing Challenges Equals Success) is a 13 event challenge course built in August 2002.  Course construction was funded by grants from the TN Department of Education and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as part of the national youth media campaign “VERB: It’s What You Do.”  The course is used by Trenton Special School District and Gibson County Special School District.  The ACES Course is also available for use by community, church, civic, and corporate groups.

    “Challenge courses may resemble obstacle courses, but there are some important differences.  Challenge courses do not require special athletic ability or physical prowess.  They are not competitions of endurance or strength. Instead, they focus on cooperative effort from groups.”

    It’s Never the Same Place Twice!

    Even if you have participated in the ACES Course or similar challenge courses, every visit to the ACES Course is unique.  Each trained facilitator has a special outlook on the events.  There are 3 high events, 10 low events, and over 30 initiatives.  It could easily take several days to accomplish all of the elements to the ACES Course.  Take a break from the typical staff development activities and join us at the ACES Course for a day you and your employees will not soon forget!



    2069 Highway 45 By-Pass South

    Trenton, Tennessee 38382

    For more information about CSH and the ACES COURSE, contact:

    Lisa T. Phillips, Director

    Coordinated School Health

    811 S. College St.

    Trenton, Tennessee 38382

    (731) 855-3616, ext. 3

    (731) 487-0211