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Drunk and Distracted Driving: Golden Tide Don't Drink and Drive!

  • Trenton Special School District's Office of Coordinated School Health, along with many other community partners and agencies, hosts an educational presentation about the dangers of distracted and drunk driving to the seniors of Peabody High School each spring.  The scene is a mock crash and includes automobiles with actors as if they have been involved in a collision in which alcohol and/or dstracting driving activities were the primary cause of the crash.  The crashes look and sound very real. Local law enforcement and rescue personnel conducts the event and it is worked as a real crash.  

    Thank you to our partners! 

    Trenton Police Department

    Trenton Fire Department

    Emergency Responders

    Trenton Parks and Recreation Department

    Dave Brown (MADD spokesperson and Trenton native)

    Gibson County Health Council

    CSH Offices of Bradford, Gibson County, Humboldt, and Milan

    Rasberry Tire

    West TN Pick and Pull (Tony Kirk)

    AirEvac Services

    Director of Schools Tim Haney

    PHS Principal Rickey Hooker



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