• Trenton Special School District
    Code of Student Conduct
    The following code sets forth policies prohibiting certain types of student conduct that constitutes serious misconduct which interferes with the educational process for other students and/or a school's educational staff. Violation of anyone of them may result in the following code(s) of the Trenton Special School District Board of Education: parent-teacher-administrator conference, detention, corporal punishment, in-school suspension, out-of-school suspension, a hearing before the Trenton SSD disciplinary Hearing Board which could result in suspension, remandment, and/or expulsion of a student for up to a calendar year, and lor notification of the proper law enforcement agency.
    Policy 1: Disruption of School
    A student shall not by use of violence, force, noise, coercion, threat, intimidation, fear, passive resistance, or any other conduct cause the disruption, interference or obstruction of school for any unwarranted reason.
    Policy 2: Damage or Destruction of School Property
    A student shall not cause or attempt to cause damage to school property and/or steal or attempt to steal school property.
    Note: Parents or guardians may be held liable for damage to school property by their children for face value of the replacement of the damaged or stolen property.
    Policy 3: Damage or Destruction of Private Property
    A student shall not cause or attempt to cause damage to private property and/or steal and/or attempt to steal private property either on the school grounds or during a school activity, function, or school­ sponsored event off school grounds.
    Policy 4: Battery of a school Employee
    A student shall not cause or attempt to cause physical injury or behave in such a way as could reasonably cause physical injury and/or harm to a school employee. A stude3nt shall not cause or attempt to cause assault on a school employee with vulgar, obscene or threatening language.
    Policy 5: Physical Assault of a Student or Other Person
    A student shall not engage in any physical assault which does bodily injury to any person:
          a. On school grounds
          b. At a school activity, function, or event, either on or off school property
          c. Upon any school and/or school system provided transportation to school and/or school sponsored activity
    A student shall not, through threat (actual or implied) and/or use of physical force deprive another individual of any possession, including money, belonging to another person.
    Policy 6: Weapons and Dangerous Instruments
    A student shall not possess, handle, transmit, use, or attempt to use firearms or any object which could be considered a weapon in relation to causing harm and/or injury to another. This also applies to school supplies such as pencils, compasses, scissors, combination lock, etc. or any other item which is used by a student in the attempt to inflict injury and/or harm upon another individual.
    Policy 7: Alcohol and Drugs
    A student shall not possess, use transmit, or be under the influence of any narcotic drup (unless prescribed by a physician and brought to school and reported to school authorities according to school district policy), hallucinogenic drug, amphetamine, barbiturate, marijuana, alcoholic beverage and/or intoxicant of any kind:
          a. On the school grounds
          b. At a school activity, function, or event, either on or off school property
          c. On a school bus and/or transportation provided by the school  system and/or individual school(s) to a school or a school sponsored activity
          d. In any manner which may constitute a threat to the orderly process(es) of the school, school environment, or school-sponsored activity
    Policy 8: Use of Tobacco or Tobacco Products
    A student shall not possess, handle, transmit, sell, give, use, smoke, or attempt to smoke tobacco and/or tobacco products in any form on the school grounds, and/or school system provided transportation, at a school activity, function, and/or event either on or off school property. T.CA. (39-17-1505) also require school officials to sign a warrant with the local juvenile authorities against any student under the age of eighteen (18) who has been determined to be in possession of and/or using tobacco products on school property, school transportation, and/or a school event.
    Policy 9: Harassment
    The Trenton Special School District is committed to maintaining a learning environment that is free from sexual harassment and sexual violence, where all employees and students can work and study together comfortably and productively. The Trenton Special School District prohibits any form of sexual, physical, and/or verbal harassment, abuse, and/or violence.
    Policy 10: Dress Code
    The Trenton Special School District believes that a proper dress code is essential to contributing to the overall safety and effectiveness of an educational learning environment. Students are expected to comply with dress codes established by the Trenton Special School District Board of Education.
    Policy 11: Conduct and Language
    Students of the Trenton Special School District should not engage in immoral or disreputable conduct and/or the use of vulgar or profane language.
    Policy 12: Repeated Violations
    A student shall comply with the directions of principals, assistant principals, teachers, student teachers, educational assistants, and/or any other school employee during any period of time when he/she is properly under the authority of school personnel. A student shall not willfully and/or persistently violate the policies, rules, and procedures of the school and/or school system.
    Policy 13: Inciting Behavior
    Students of Trenton Special School District should not advise, counsel, and/or incite other students or groups of students to engage in any of the above acts as it creates a danger to the personal safety or property of others and/or contributes to the disruption of the school environment.
    Policy 14: Any Other Conduct
    No students shall violate any other law, rule, policy, or procedure related to maintaining a safe, secure, and orderly school environment as prescribed by federal law and mandate, the Code of the State of Tennessee, and/or policies and codes of the Trenton Special School District.
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