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Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

TES Arrival and Dismissal Procedures


  • ALL students can enter the building from the 8th Street (main) entrance or the Stadium Street (yellow hall) entrance.
  • Traffic should enter and exit the parking lot in one lane.
  • All doors lock at 7:50 AM. If you arrive after 7:50 AM, you will need to bring your child to the main office to receive a tardy slip.


  *To help with traffic on College and 8th Street, please form 2 lines in the main drive and merge in to one at the top of the hill.

  • Kindergarten and 1st grade car riders will dismiss from the 8th Street entrance. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade car riders will dismiss from the Stadium Street entrance. Siblings will dismiss with the youngest child.
  • A school issued car rider tag must be visible. If your tag is not visible or you do not have a tag, you will be asked to go to the office to provide identification before a student is released to you.
  • Students will not be released to parents that park and walk up to the school. You will be asked to enter the car rider line.
  • Walkers (even if accompanied by an adult) will be released from the Pre-K entrance on College Street once a supervising adult sees that bus traffic is clear.
  • Middle or High School students that shuttle to TES will go to the dismissal area with their youngest sibling.
  • No students should be picked up from the College Street entrance.